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  • What is Sports Therapy? 


- Sports therapy is very similar to physiotherapy. Graduated Sports Therapists are highly qualified in assessment, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries. Musculoskeletal injuries are any injuries of bones, ligaments, tendons, muscles and fascia. Sports Therapists who graduated from university degree are often starting their career by working with sports teams as their physio/sports therapists which allows them to get in daily contact with various injuries and be able to treat and monitor rehabilitation and healing process of each injury from early stage all the way to return to full functional fitness.


  • What is the difference between sports therapy and physiotherapy?


- Sports therapy is very similar to physiotherapy. 

The main difference is that sports therapy is focusing on helping you recover not just through rehabilitation and exercises as physiotherapy does but also through manual treatment. We use the majority of the time during your appointment for treatment to make sure that your posture and muscle imbalances are addressed prior to the start of the rehabilitation. 


  • Is Sports Therapy only for sporty people or athletes? 

- Definitely not. This is a question we get asked very often. Sports therapy is for anyone who needs help because of their pains or injuries. We get a variety of clients. From people who suffer with pain because of injury, to professionals who are affected because of their daily job to old people who need to deal with pains on a daily basis.

People of any age, profession and beliefs. 


  • Is sports therapy treatment painful? 

- No, even if you come with pain or injury we don't use a treatment method which would aggravate the pain more, but a method which will help target the main problem in order to decrease your pain and promote healing which is a crucial part of your recovery. 

We are advising clients to avoid taking painkillers prior to treatment, as the pain level is important factor which will help us understand more about your issue and tailor a correct treatment method to your needs

  • I suffer from headaches and migraines. Would sports therapy help? 


- Yes. The treatment for headaches and migraines is very effective and we have seen great results over the years on our clients. Treatment for headaches or migraines can not be applied during your headache or migraine. It should be booked right after your migraine or headache or when you feel that it's coming. This treatment is slightly different because it works as a prevention and can effectively decrease the number of episodes. 

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