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  Sports Therapy

                Pain and Injury Clinic in Cairngorms
        Suitable for anyone, athletes and non-athletes 

                                 07599 089489
           Nethy Bridge, Grantown on Spey, PH25 3EB

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Leg Injury

About Me

Welcome to Abernethy Sports Therapy which is located in Nethy Bridge in the stunning grounds of Abernethy Golf Club in the heart of the Highlands, near Grantown on Spey and Aviemore within Cairngorms National Park.
My name is Lucie Bush and I am graduated sports therapist qualified to treat musculoskeletal injuries and pains. I have graduated as a sports therapist from UWTSD and since then I have been  working with Cardiff Blues professional rugby team and semi-professional Pontypridd Rugby as well as with private patients to help them recover from various injuries and pains.  I am working under professional body of Society of Sports Therapists. 
Sports therapy treatment is using manual techniques such as mobilisation, massage, stretches  and rehabilitation programs tailored specifically to you to target a specific injury, pain or postural issues. Sports therapy treatments are not just for athletes. In my clinic I have the privilege to treat and work with a wide range of clients. From people with poor posture who spend hours working behind computers, older people with a variety of pains to athletes who are commonly suffering from pain due to overuse and injuries. 

Postural assessment is always used at the beginning of each session. This helps me to understand the common patterns of dysfunction and to correctly diagnose current problems as well as muscular syndromes and imbalances. This allows me to devise a specific treatment plan to suit the individual client. The treatment options are consulted with the patient to target the specific problem and areas of the body as well as to reduce any specific joint and muscle pains, tightness of the muscles, correct the postural misalignments and improve the flexibility. I also make sure that my clients are leaving with an appropriate rehabilitation program and exercises in order to promote their healing and prevent any further pains.

During the treatment, I use a combination of soft and deep tissue techniques, stretching, trigger point release technique, mobilisations and friction to effectively reduce joint and muscle pains. I can often see an immediate pain relieving effect on my clients. 

I really enjoy showing my clients how just one treatment can reduce their pain and make an enormous positive difference to their life. 

My clients are athletes and non-athletes of all sorts of age. People who care about their healthy body and healthy life.

To BOOK ONLINE and to see PRICE LIST simply click on BOOK ONLINE/PRICE LIST button on top of this page to choose the best treatment for you. You can contact me with any question by phone on 07599089489 or by email on

All treatments can be claimed back through appropriate health insurance.

I am looking forward to seeing you. 


       Lucie Bush BSc (Hons) MSST

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Leg Injury

Sports Therapy


Pain and Injuries

60min - £45

90min - £65

Sports therapy is suitable for anybody who suffers with pains, aches or who is recovering from any type of musculo-skeletal injury. It is suitable for people of any age. Sports therapy is focused on assessment, diagnosis and treatment to help successfully treat the current problem and pain. Combination of mobilisation techniques, stretches and deep tissue therapy is used in order to promote correct recovery, healing and decrease pain. 

The season is completed with rehabilitation exercises to help you with correct recovery.

We recommend 90min treatment for your first visit.

The follow up sessions are usually 60min. 

A Modern rehabilitation physiotherapy worker with senior client.jpg

Sports Massage

60min - £45
90min - £65

Sports massage is a great way to promote muscle recovery, relax tight muscles and release painful trigger points. It is a great complement to the workout, which will help you to achieve better performance, endurance, flexibility,  promote healing for your muscles and effectively reduce risk of an injury. 

I am using a combination of sports massage techniques, postural correction techniques and stretches to reduce specific joint and muscle pains, tightness of the muscles, improve postural misalignments and increase flexibility of soft tissues. 60min treatment is suitable for either upper or lower body treatment, 90min is available for full body. 

Close up of deep tissue and sport massage on neck and shoulder .jpg

Remedial Massage

60min - £45
90min - £65

Remedial massage is suitable for everybody who needs to relax. It is also very effective treatment for headaches and migraines.
This treatment will help you relax your mind and body. This massage can last either 60 min which is recommended for either upper or lower body or 90 min for full body. I will use combination of techniques to effectively target tightness and tension in specific muscles and joints. The intensity of the pressure is optional and will be discussed prior to your treatment. So you can enjoy the perfect relaxation. This treatment can make an enormous positive difference to clients physical and mental health.

Physical therapist placing kinesio tape on patient's shoulder

Kinesiology Taping


The kinesiology taping was developed by Dr. Kenzo Kase in 1970's. Since then it has grown in popularity and now it is a vital tool in rehabilitation and management of musculoskeletal injuries and conditions. Kinesiology taping has got many benefits. It can promote healing of the injured structures. It can be used for decreasing swelling and pain or as an extra support for the muscles, tendon, ligaments and joints to increase performance and reduce risk of injury. 

The kinesiology taping can be added on top of any massage treatment for just £15. 

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Opening Hours

Monday, Wednesday &   Friday             9am - 7:30pm

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Swedish Massage

''I take sports massage each month. This isn't an indulgence, it is an investment in your full productivity and sustained good health.''

Robin S. Evans

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